Additional Reading

We suggest you also read some other FTC materials as well, especially if you are a rookie team or just not all that knowledgeable in regards to FTC programming.

The first resource we recommend you reading is Game Manual 0, or gm0 for short. They have a section on software you can find here. gm0 offers a great amount of support for teams who are just starting and would like to learn more concepts that have been put together by people from other teams.

We also recommend that you read the SDK documentation. Now, it is quite a handful. However, if you are interested in learning what is available for use in the SDK, this is the best way to do it. The javadocs are there for you to utilize in the first place.

Please be sure to check out other libraries that have inspired us, like Road Runner and EasyOpenCV. You can use these libraries in conjunction with FTCLib if you would like; although, FTCLib already uses EasyOpenCV in its vision package.

Currently, there is a Road Runner quickstart that uses FTCLib here, It makes use of the command-based paradigm. This project is out-of-date and will be sunset It will be replaced by a new quickstart project that utilizes FTCLib trajectories and features rather than relying on Road Runner.

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